Logistics services at RX

At RX nothing is impossible, we design and deliver the solutions the customer requires.


  • Surveillance 24/7.
  • Alarm system with response.
  • Closed circuit TV.
  • Selective Racks.
  • Vault for valuables.
  • Electric Forklifts.
  • Inventory Management.
  • Value Added Tasks.


  • Coordination of the reception of goods in transit through Montevideo, either through the port or airport.


  • Coordination of transport and customs transit to FTZ.

Unloading & Control

  • Unstuffing of the containers, quality control according to our own procedures or the Customer´s, packaging and stowage.

On-line Info

  • Online tracking of merchandise through our website, connected to our WMS (Warehouse Management System).

Systems Integration

  • We have the ability to develop an interfase between our Warehouse Management System and our clients´ management systems.


  • Storage under conditions agreed with the Client.

Added Value

  • Value-Added Processes, ranging from simple re-labeling, kitting, secondary packaging, etc. to complex processes customized to the Client´s needs.

Goods Egress

  • Picking and packing of goods for delivery to their final destination.

Egress Coordination

  • Coordination of outgoing multimodal transportation, international insurance, customs clearance transit.

Customized Solutions

  • Projects made for each customer. We work together to add value to your business.